Letters to the Editor: ‘But there’s a pandemic’ is a small-minded criticism of Mars exploration

An illustration of NASA's Perseverance rover, which is currently on its way to Mars, on the surface of the planet.

To the editor: The letter by a reader who was “disheartened” by an op-ed article about the value of missions to Mars missed the point being made in it about the knowledge, hope, even delight such events can give us.

I look to the endeavors of science for relief from the bombardment of narcissistic outrages on social media and conspiracy-mongering of a grotesquely failed president.

On a planet being consumed by scarcity-based power intrigues, the profound comprehension of a more boundless reality — which is clearly visible in the coverage of the scientists, technicians and NASA astronauts engaged in exploration — can prompt a calming sense of hope through a shift in perception about what really matters and why.

David Pabian, Los Angeles