Letters to the Editor: Bottom-line governing is killing the Postal Service and other institutions

Postmaster General Louis DeJoy
Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, left, is escorted to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office on Capitol Hill in Washington on Aug. 5.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Let’s for a moment believe that dismantling the U.S. Postal Service, a scheme that was just put on hold until after Nov. 3, is only motivated by cost-cutting and is not an election ploy. This “bottom line is everything” thinking has hurt most Americans seeking something as simple as a decent paycheck, and it certainly shouldn’t be applied to the Postal Service.

President Trump only understands maximizing profit, so he does not appreciate the fact that the Postal Service is woven into the fabric of our country and is so much more than just a business.

Nearly 500,000 Americans have good jobs with benefits at the Postal Service. It is our largest employer of veterans. It is a lifeline for everything from prescription medication to Social Security checks.


Trump’s wrongheadedness is part of the same thinking that allows national parks to be logged and Social Security and Medicare to be starved of funds. He and his followers are blowing up the bedrock of America because they can get a good price for turning it into gravel.

This cannot be allowed to stand.

Bob Walter, Altadena


To the editor: I hope that Trump’s cheating ways are finally registering with enough people and congressional Republicans will put an end to his chicanery.

One thing you must admit about Trump is that he doesn’t do his misdeeds behind anybody’s back. He does them right in front of you, daring you to do something to stop him. He is forever appealing to men’s deeper, darker instincts.

It would take a major outcry from the people and the courage of Republicans to put an end to this nonsense. We have been battered by economic disaster and a deadly pandemic, and there’s little hope for any relief soon. Has everyone had enough of his calamitous leadership yet?

Lynn Lorenz, Newport Beach



To the editor: I have always done absentee voting without a problem. Is the increased volume at election time any more than the volume of Christmas cards or tax returns on April 15? It doesn’t make sense.

Also, local governments can place ballot dropoff boxes in multiple locations if there is any concern about the Postal Service.

This all seems like a lot of fuss over nothing.

Deborah Searle, Chino


To the editor: It used to be said that the far right didn’t want the government to do anything except staff the military and deliver the mail.

Now, that’s a moderate position.

Evan Puziss, Mar Vista