Letters to the Editor: Another Trump associate accused of fraud? Shocking!

Stephen K. Bannon
Stephen K. Bannon leaves the Manhattan federal court in New York on Aug. 20.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: Stephen K. Bannon, an associate of President Trump, was arrested for fraud? Shocking, simply shocking!

Seriously, this president and his cronies have been embroiled in so many scandals, controversies, shady schemes and just generally rotten behavior since the beginning of the 2016 campaign that one would be excused for having assumed that Bannon had already been indicted for something.

Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, Rick Gates, Michael Cohen, Roger Stone and other Trump associates were or are in legal trouble because of their work with the current president. It’s time for a change.


Mike Greene, Portland


To the editor: There was no “perp walk” for Bannon; he came out of the courtroom smiling, and with good reason.

Bannon is probably confident knowing that the greatest pardoner-in-chief in history will assure that federal charges are nothing for him to fear.

In the president’s world, what Bannon allegedly did — taking money from chumps — is not a crime; it is the practice of the art of the deal. Anyone who matriculated at Trump University learned that lesson from experience.

Sid Croft, Torrance


To the editor: A reminder to anyone who sent money to the We Build the Wall campaign, an online effort to raise money for the construction of the southern border wall, which was associated with Bannon:

Sometimes the enemy isn’t on the other side of a border. Sometimes the enemy is from within.

Susan Scheding, Mar Vista