Letters to the Editor: Has Trump made us forget how terrible George W. Bush’s presidency was?

President George W. Bush addresses the nation about the Iraq war in 2003.
President George W. Bush addresses the nation about the Iraq war aboard the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln on May 1, 2003.
(Stephen Jaffe / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: I was disappointed that columnist Nicholas Goldberg, after talking to some historians, failed to include George W. Bush for consideration as the worst president in history. Any leader who takes America into a needless war (like Iraq) should automatically be included in the discussion.

Thinking about the lives lost, the returning wounded veterans, the families affected and the financial resources squandered, I feel there is nothing worse than a president making such a reckless decision. As a result of that war, we destabilized the Middle East and strengthened Iran’s position.

Additionally, Bush refused to raise taxes to force us all to pay in some way for that war. Worse yet, he lowered taxes and increased the deficit.


Nobody mentions President Trump’s accomplishments, so I will. First, he brought the threat that China poses front and center. Americans of all stripes now agree that free trade is not fair trade. For too long, China was allowed to cheat and steal our technology, and now we find ourselves with a serious military competitor.

Second, by calling out the foolishness of fighting wars that had nothing to do with our national security, he changed the dialogue among the political leadership. Finally, Trump opened a new path in Israeli-Arab relations.

Just so you know how I feel, I still voted for the other candidate.

Josef Colman, Santa Monica


To the editor: I believe one can state with absolute certainty that Trump is the worst president in history. He is dishonest, he does not follow science or even the facts, and he does not seek to unify the country.

We know that Trump is very dishonest. He has told thousands of lies to the American people. A day does not pass without him misleading or lying to us.

Other presidents have been negligent in carrying out their duties but none has been so openly hostile to science and facts as Trump. He has denied climate change and, even more critically now, he hid the facts regarding COVID-19. He continues to this day to berate and contort the safety measures recommended by some of the world’s greatest scientists.

No other president has sought to divide the American people to the extent that Trump has. He worsens race relations and has made fun of people with disabilities.

So yes, Trump is by far the worst of the worst.

Larry Justad, Cathedral City


To the editor: On March 4, 1933, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, cited by Goldberg as a great president, was giving his inaugural address as my mother was giving birth to me in a Hollywood hospital. FDR was my president for 12 years. I cried when he died.

FDR was a great president in many ways but he deserves black marks for interning Japanese Americans in relocation camps. My friend Bernie was 8 years old when her family was forced to leave their home and business. Eleanor Roosevelt protested the move.

FDR also sold out Eastern Europe to the Soviet Union.

Barbara Duran, Westchester


To the editor: Apparently, Trump has not done enough to be regarded as a good president.

In the short time he has been president, Trump moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and brought about peace between two Arab countries and Israel.

He brought home a lot of money that was staying abroad, and he lowered tax rates for most Americans. He has held friendly talks with the leader of North Korea, and before the pandemic he oversaw job growth for everyone, especially minorities.

I wonder what Goldberg thinks a president needs to do to be considered good.

Rachel Robinson, Encino


To the editor: A provincial look at Trump, who has broken a lot of china in our shop, deems him the worst president in recent times.

An expanded look outside our borders sees the fallout from Bush’s invasion of Iraq: thousands of young Americans dead, hundreds of thousands killed in the Middle East, the rise of Islamic State and a refugee crisis.

Trump has a long way to go to top all of that.

Tim Clark, Los Angeles