Letters to the Editor: Please find a pro-Trump pundit who is grounded in reality

President Trump and Joe Biden debate Oct. 22.
President Trump answers a question as former Vice President Joe Biden listens during their final debate Oct. 22 in Nashville, Tenn.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: I had been enjoying the feature in which columnist Robin Abcarian and Republican political strategist Scott Jennings write about the week’s political events. However, after their recent discussion about the final debate and President Trump’s “60 Minutes” interview, I decided I will read not it again.

Jennings has gone full Trump and is not realistic or believable.

Trump won the debate? Not according to all the reputable, scientific polls.

He has “never Trumper” friends who are voting for the president this time because they are so upset with the political left? After the Democrats nominated the centrist Joe Biden?

Jennings seems to have fully bought into the propaganda about Hunter Biden and his laptop. He doesn’t seem to be aware of the fact that mainstream media investigations have not uncovered any scandelous or illegal behavior by the former vice president.


It’s possible to find a conservative thinker who is more grounded in reality.

Brian Symington, Westchester


To the editor: Jennings talks about “the Bidens.” Who are “the Bidens”? How many sons were working in Ukraine?

Moreover, Biden was vice president when his son was involved with Ukraine, and Hunter was not representing the president. In contrast, Trump is the president, and his daughter and son-in-law are working in the White House and representing the president. One is nepotism, the other is not.

I am also tired of hearing that Trump has done so much for Black Americans, and I never get to hear the details. It’s just the same old idea — if you say it often enough, it becomes reality.

Sabina Dym, Newport Beach


To the editor: The juxtaposition of Abcarian and Jennings discussing the week in politics from different perspectives is interesting and unique.


I particularly enjoy the concessions they each make. Too bad our politicians can’t be equally magnanimous.

Ken Feldman, Tarzana


To the editor: I love the Abarcarian-Jennings tete-a-tetes on Sundays. Please keep them going.

Their exchanges remind me of the Gore Vidal-William Buckley conversations from years ago. Bravo!

Jacqueline Melvin, Sherman Oaks