Letters to the Editor: ‘Quarantine fatigue’? If anyone’s tired, it’s nurses and doctors

Medical students assist a COVID-19 patient at a Houston hospital.
Medical students assist a COVID-19 patient who is having trouble breaking at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: People who refuse to follow safety guidelines to slow the spread of COVID-19 should be made to spend a week on a coronavirus ward to see firsthand what their actions are doing to the doctors, nurses and others who are risking their own lives every day, with no end in sight. (“As Texas surpasses 1 million coronavirus cases, ‘people have quarantine fatigue. They’re tired of it,’” Nov. 14)

If they choose not to wear a mask or other protective equipment during their week on the COVID-19 ward, then they can flout the guidelines.

Judy Willis, Long Beach



To the editor: It is understandable that we do not want to live forever under the strictures of COVID-19, but it seems tragic that with the arrival of vaccines and the imminent chance of a return to normalcy, we will lose so many people because of our failure to take simple measures such as wearing a mask.

It is painfully similar to the fates of soldiers who die five minutes before a peace agreement is signed.

Darrel Miller, Santa Monica


To the editor: “Quarantine fatigue” in Texas? Really?

Texas never quarantined. Rather, its politicians ignored the science and played the “tough guy” card. Now, lots of people in that state are sick.

What Texas really has is “leadership fatigue.”

Jimmie Robertson, Laguna Niguel