Letters to the Editor: Councilman Paul Koretz: Mask whiners are members of the ‘Lamest Generation’

A Huntington Beach protestor against pandemic restrictions wears a see-through box labeled "OBEY" around his head.
A protestor in Huntington Beach pokes fun at people who wear masks in the interest of slowing the spread of COVID-19.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I couldn’t agree more with Dr. Mark Morocco’s opinion piece expressing his and other medical professionals’ frustrations with the risky behaviors that are responsible for so many COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and deaths, as well as the pain inflicted on our economy, our businesses, our jobs and our working families.

He compares this to World War II, in which hundreds of thousands of American soldiers courageously gave their lives to defend our country and our way of life, while those back home made many sacrifices as well, giving up many liberties and luxuries.

Today, so many people whine about having to wear a mask or stay six feet apart. Well, boo-hoo. I feel so bad for them having to make such terrible sacrifices to save so many lives and our economy.


It was the “Greatest Generation” that got us through World War II. I can only conclude that those who are so callous in the face of this pandemic will one day be known as the “Lamest Generation.”

Paul Koretz, Los Angeles

The writer is a member of the Los Angeles City Council.