Letters to the Editor: Jesus would not want his followers to spread the coronavirus


To the editor: Is it selfishness that motivates Christian evangelist Sean Feucht to gather concert crowds in defiance of the clear needs of the public in the face of this COVID-19 pandemic? Or is it ego?

If he thinks his defiance of common sense reflects Christianity, I’m afraid he’s a flop. I doubt that Jesus would have willfully visited disease upon his neighbors. Why would anyone one do that?

And to target a homeless encampment — a fragile, vulnerable congregant community at best — is simply an act of public assault.


Feucht’s is a dismal form of proselytization. If he and his followers really want to reach people, wouldn’t he rather they stay alive and healthy?

Jack Fenn, Ghent, N.Y.


To the editor: Put Feucht in a suit and cut his hair, and you have another Jim Bakker or Jimmy Swaggart. However, his traveling sideshow is far more dangerous to the health and welfare of communities than televangelism ever was.

Why are his events not shut down? What about the health orders and pandemic restrictions? This guy is a shameless charlatan spreading disease along with his magical thinking.

But, if you are one of his cult members, you can get a “Jesus Christ Superspreader” T-shirt on his website for only $32.

Nancy Roeger, Carlsbad



To the editor: Why bother trying to shut down protected speech?

Feucht’s right to praise the lord loudly in public does not compel me to attend or listen. Thanks for letting us know where he’ll be. I plan to stay the heck away.

Others with common sense may choose to do likewise.

Richard Schmittdiel, Glendale