Letters to the Editor: Please, L.A. Times, spare readers any more commentary from Trump’s defenders

President Trump at the entrance of Air Force One.
President Trump boards Air Force One on Jan. 12.
(Mandel Ngan / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: Maybe The Times prefers not to state the obvious as it pains to cover “both sides” of the situation, but in doing so the paper sabotages its search for the truth.

The paper published a letter defending Trump’s incendiary speech to his mob shortly before the terrorist actions at the U.S. Capitol began, the reader denying that Trump “called for violence.” In fact, Trump is a traitor to our country, as are those who continue to support or defend Trump or his hoodlums.

That truth hurts, but it’s reality nonetheless.

Ray McKown, Torrance


To the editor: Trump absolutely incited what happened at the Capitol on Jan. 6.


He told people that the election was stolen, despite more than 50 court cases determining otherwise, and despite ballots being counted repeatedly. He told them to show up on that date and said it would be wild. He knew that those radicalized individuals would come equipped to fight.

He told them that morning to “take back our country.” He expressed his concern that Vice President Mike Pence would not “do the right thing” and sent them to ensure he would. And reports are that he was happy when witnessing what went down and was forced by his advisors to denounce it all afterward.

Patricia Jordan, Van Nuys