Letters to the Editor: COVID fatigue? We haven’t even tried complying with the rules

Motorists wait for a COVID-19 vaccine dose at a mass inoculation site in Northridge on Jan. 14.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Every time I hear someone say that the COVID-19 disaster in California is proof that mask mandates and stay-home orders don’t work, it makes me furious. (“How the ‘California miracle’ dissolved into a winter coronavirus nightmare,” Jan. 22)

As I took my usual evening drive down the main street in my upscale community recently, I saw people sitting shoulder to shoulder both outside and inside restaurants. I saw people on the street, many without masks. It has only gotten worse since summer and through the holidays.

Don’t say restrictive measures do not work. We haven’t even tried complying with them.

Laurie Jacobs, San Clemente



To the editor: If the decision makers — government and private — would come down from their lofty perches and mingle with us common folk, perhaps they might start to understand some of the reasons people have begun to abandon COVID-19 prevention measures.

The blanket regulations often make little or no sense. Nobody ever seems to think that it’s important explain the inconsistencies.

For instance, people can no longer dine outdoors, but they’re free to respond to offers from still open and operating casinos. People can no longer get their hair cut professionally, but they can still go to flea markets.

The dismal vaccine distribution effort has only contributed to the public’s mistrust. Obtaining the vaccine has become survival of the fittest and most computer-proficient people.

There’s an old saying about throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it sticks. It seems to be particularly well suited to our nation’s and state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Betty Rome, Culver City