Letters to the Editor: Hey, Newsom recall pushers, you have any better ideas?

People demonstrate against California's stay-home order in Huntington Beach on Nov. 21, 2020.
People demonstrate against California’s stay-home order in Huntington Beach on Nov. 21.
(Marcio Jose Sanchez / Associated Press)

To the editor: As a California taxpayer, I am angry that proponents of recalling Gov. Gavin Newsom are trying to force a special election less than a year before the 2022 primary that will cost the state more than $80 million.

California Republicans are taking advantage of the pandemic to try to reclaim statewide office. My questions to them include: What would you have done differently to stem the rise in COVID-19 cases and deaths that occurred at the start of the holiday season? Do you believe that states like Florida and Texas with less restrictive measures in place have done a better job protecting their residents’ health?

I can think of better ways to spend more than $80 million now and let the voters decide in 2022 who their next governor will be.


Sara Isgur, San Diego


To the editor: You have forgotten a very important group of voters in your recall coverage — those who plan ultimately to vote with their feet.

I was giddy when I signed the recall petition. I am also giddy because I own property in another state. I call it my non-California life boat.

However, I’ll stay in California long enough to cast my vote in favor of recall. After that, we’ll see if the place continues to sink.

David Busse, Diamond Bar


To the editor: No matter who had been governor of this vast state, there would have always been many unknowns and changing conditions throughout this pandemic.


There has never been a time like this. Getting the long-awaited polio vaccine involved an ordinary visit to the pediatrician. This is entirely different. Anyone who thinks COVID-19 vaccination could be done flawlessly is hopelessly naive.

This will not be the last pandemic. It is imperative that we learn from our mistakes. We must keep our supplies of personal protective equipment up to date and never become complacent.

Could Newsom have done better? I’m sure he beats himself up over his blunders. However, to recall him during this global crisis and accuse him of wrongdoing would be preposterous. It would be tantamount to saying his mistakes were deliberate.

Diane Welch, Cypress


To the editor: I have watched The Times devote attention to this recall effort since its early stages, giving oxygen to a perennially dissatisfied minority that is just as soon to insist there is no risk from COVID-19. This newspaper will bear responsibility if we end up with a Republican governor who denies science and eradicates our fledgling pandemic response.

The recall is a fatal flaw in California’s Constitution, potentially unseating a current governor despite wining nearly 50% of the vote and replacing him with the next highest vote-getter. Of course, this method of skirting the democratic majority is popular with Republicans, who would otherwise never have the statewide numbers to win.


With the recent lockdown having prevented about 25,000 hospitalizations in California, The Times should not be focusing on the same resentful demographic on the pretense of holding leaders accountable.

John Ennis, Los Angeles