Letters to the Editor: Reader letters don’t need an editor’s introduction, L.A. Times

The Los Angeles Times building and newsroom along Imperial Highway in El Segundo.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: I’m fed up with the derisive, patronizing tone so often expressed by Paul Thornton when publishing letters that disagree with articles in The Times. (“This is what happens when you celebrate godlessness on Good Friday,” Opinion, April 10)

Yes, The Times was insensitive in the op-ed articles it chose to run on Good Friday and Easter Sunday. But far more offensive was Thornton’s mocking commentary, “You can imagine how that went over with some of our readers,” as if to imply, “Wasn’t that fun getting a rise out of those silly people?”

And to his final comment, “it seems many members of the country’s largest faith group expect some deference,” I would respond: No, but I imagine they do expect the same respect and courtesy you’d show to any other group. Would The Times run an anti-immigration piece on Cesar Chavez’s birthday?


Why does The Times need to run any commentary at all when publishing letters? Let the letters speak for themselves. But if you insist, either get a new letters editor or tell this one to watch his tone.

Kathy Barreto, Culver City