Letters to the Editor: I am vaccinated and, now, unmasked. Why shouldn’t I be?

People wear masks during an animal-rights protest in Los Angeles on June 6.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your editorial on masking up after June 15 left out a demographic among the people who choose no longer to cover their noses and mouths — those courageous enough to begin bringing us back to normal.

I took offense at being characterized as among those “who continue to eschew masks ... as rude as that may be.”

I wore my mask all through the restrictions. I washed and used hand sanitizer compulsively. I did not contract COVID-19. I jumped at the opportunity to get my whole family vaccinated.


Now, I am taking off my mask and smiling at everyone I make eye contact with.

I agree wholeheartedly that people should mask up when they are sick or if they are particularly susceptible to illness, but for otherwise healthy and vaccinated people to go about their business wearing a mask every day out of paranoia that they will catch a fatal disease is neurotic, not normal.

Get the shots, take off the mask, and let me see that smile.

Niels Goerrissen, Harbor City