Letters to the Editor: If Andrew Cuomo wants to survive, he should become a Republican

A closeup of an unsmiling Andrew Cuomo in front of the great seal of New York.
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo speaks at a news conference in New York City on May 5.
(Spence Platt / AFP/Getty Images)

To the editor: If I were New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, I’d change my party affiliation from Democrat to Republican. After all, what could it hurt? (“Will Andrew Cuomo resign amid latest sexual harassment allegations? I doubt it,” Opinion, Aug. 3)

More than 74 million people, including a strong majority of evangelical Christians, were OK voting for a philanderer who was recorded boasting about grabbing women by their privates. He also allegedly cheated on his third wife shortly after their son was born — with an adult film actress, no less.

This man got elected president as a Republican. Cuomo, who was found by the New York attorney general to have sexually harassed women who worked for him, could do no worse.


Lutz E. Moeckel, Garden Grove


To the editor: As mob boss of Chicago, Al Capone stole hundreds of millions of dollars and killed dozens of people. The politicians and police were in his pocket, enabling his reign of terror. The federal government finally put him away — not for racketeering, corruption, thievery and murder, but tax evasion.

As governor of New York, Cuomo contributed to the pandemic death toll by forcing nursing homes to accept COVID-19 patients who had been released from the hospital. He stood by his decision and hid the actual death counts.

Yet, he remained a media darling even as allegations of his bad behavior mounted. Public outcry after the New York attorney general’s report may finally take him down.

Tax evasion and, in Cuomo’s case, sexual harassment should be appropriately punished. But, let’s not fool ourselves into believing those were the only contemptible things Capone and Cuomo did.

Hal Bookbinder, Oak Park