Op-Ed: For years, I got teased for wearing face masks. The pandemic changed that.

Illustration of multiple people wearing masks, standing together

MariNaomi is the author and illustrator of eight graphic books, including the comics memoir “Turning Japanese.” She is the founder and administrator of the Cartoonists of Color, Queer Cartoonists and Disabled Cartoonists databases. @marinaomi

Illustration of two people talking, looking at a third person wearing a mask
Illustration of a person buying a mask
Illustration of two people laughing at a third person wearing a mask

Illustration of a person watching as someone gasps at an Asian person in a mask
Illustration of a person wearing a mask in a grocery store
Illustration of a person looking at a crowd of people, all masked
Illustration of two people in masks talking, observed by someone else masked

A crowd of people, all wearing masks