Letters to the Editor: The sad refusal of many cops to mask up and get vaccinated

Los Angeles, CA - August 11: LAPD officers patrol Union Station on Wednesday, Aug. 11, 2021 in Los Angeles, CA.
Los Angeles police officers patrol Union Station on Aug. 11.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: Your article on police officers frequently being seen unmasked while on the job and the high rate of vaccine refusal among law enforcement did not surprise me in the least.

I am a lawyer, and in 2020, the first time I went back to court in person after the shutdown was in June. I was excited to see one of my favorite sheriff’s deputies in person, so of course we chatted when we met again.

He said to me that he had access to “special information” that regular people don’t, and then I was distressed to hear him tell me about how dangerous the COVID-19 vaccines were going to be, because they were going to cause infertility and other problems.


I kept quiet because I didn’t know anything about the vaccines at that time, but it made me sad. I still feel sad, because this person is no fool. My guess is that law enforcement includes many people who believe what my sheriff friend does.

Disinformation is everywhere.

Roberta Murawski, Los Angeles


To the editor: In light of the widespread police resistance to masks — let alone to the vaccine — it seems evident that many law enforcement personnel have decided that blue lives don’t matter.

So much for “protecting” while serving.

Alyson McLamore, Arroyo Grande