Letters to the Editor: Don’t want to vote for Larry Elder? The other Republicans aren’t much better

Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer walks back to his bus after a campaign stop in Whittier on Aug. 21.
Former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer walks to his bus after a campaign stop in Whittier on Saturday.
(Los Angeles Times)

To the editor: In your overview of the top Republicans running for governor, you overlook crucial details about former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. He may be the “most centrist of the pack,” but his record as mayor is beyond “vanilla.”

In 2016, Faulconer ignored San Diego’s burgeoning homeless population until there was an unprecedented, full-blown hepatitis A epidemic that lasted more than a year, infected almost 600 people and resulted in 20 deaths.

In 2017, Faulconer was chief decider on what became a $127-million real estate scandal about an unvetted, overpriced, 20-year lease-to-purchase, “lemon” office building that has never been fully occupied but has cost taxpayers $535,000 a month to rent. Longtime Faulconer supporter and GOP donor Doug Manchester was recently revealed to be a hidden owner-profiteer in the sale.


Frances O’Neill Zimmerman, La Jolla


To the editor: Running in this recall election, we have a radio personality who is nothing more than Marjorie Taylor Greene with a talk show (Larry Elder); a multimillionaire who believes he can buy his way into office like Meg Whitman before him (John Cox); and a former athlete turned reality star who, like former President Trump, thinks her semi-star status will propel her into the governor’s mansion (Caitlyn Jenner).

If Californians allow through their indifference any of these ill-equipped individuals to rise to the highest level of their incompetence, then we deserve the horrifying consequences that will surely follow.

Bill Waxman, Simi Valley


To the editor: Over and over again, our weak and flawed signature-gathering rules (or lack thereof) get us into nightmare election scenarios.

Last time around, gig-economy companies spent millions on paid signature gatherers and bought an election. Before that, insurance companies and every special interest from A to Z could get on the ballot by employing thousands of below-minimum wage “workers.”

Really want to end this craziness? Simple. Ban the use of paid gatherers and enforce county residency requirements. I guarantee all election madness, like this recall, will end.

Jon Merritt, Los Angeles