Letters to the Editor: ‘Let’s go Brandon’ — can you imagine if Obama did that?

A man with a mask below his nose sits behind a banner reading "Let's go Brandon" at a college football game.
A sign showing a coded insult of Joe Biden is seen at a college football game in Syracuse, N.Y., on Oct. 30.
(Associated Press)

To the editor: The lack of civility perpetuated by Republicans has been increasing for years, but it has reached a new crescendo with “Let’s Go Brandon,” a coded obscene insult against President Biden. Columnist Jonah Goldberg tries to show his disapproval by calling the phrase “inappropriate,” as if that aptly describes something that is actually disgusting.

I think it may have begun when Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shocked everyone in 2009 by shouting “you lie” during President Obama’s speech to Congress. Later, President Trump took such disrespect to a whole new level by openly insulting women, disabled people and veterans.

But for Republican politicians to pose for pictures and wear masks with the clearly understood vulgarity, is outrageous and unacceptable.


Goldberg compared these men to obscenities uttered by a rapper and an actor who shouted “f— Trump” during an awards show. This is laughable. Our elected officials are held to a higher standard than entertainers.

Now, our former president is selling shirts that repeat this vulgar insult against Biden. This is the man many Republicans think is their best candidate for 2024.

I hate to use the catchall liberal question, but it’s so applicable here: Can you imagine if Obama did that?

Kendall Wolf, Encino


To the editor: The vile origin of “Let’s go Brandon” demonstrates the repugnancy of the Republican Party.

To think it’s perfectly fine for a crowd of right-wingers to shout “f— Joe Biden” during a TV broadcast makes one wonder what happened to the supposed family values of the GOP.


Given the way the president has worked hard to slow the number of deaths from COVID-19 compared to his predecessor, who seemed indifferent to the hundreds of thousands of people killed on his watch, the crowd should have shouted “thanks Joe Biden.”

Bill Freeman, Canoga Park


To the editor: Let me ask Sen. Ted Cruz (Texas), Rep. Bill Posey (Fla.) and other Republican politicians how they would feel if their sons were named Brandon and people were using it in a slogan to attack the president. Imagine the teasing and bullying all the Brandons in our country will now face because of these Republicans’ insensitive actions.

I speak as a mother of a son named Brandon who died by suicide. All I have of him are my memories, including his precious name.

To have it become a stand-in for something so despicable is heartbreaking.

Jean Toh, Newport Beach