Letters to the Editor: Everyone hates leaf blowers. So why is it so hard to ban them?


To the editor: Leaf blowers (dust blowers, in my terms) accomplish little and are a daily nuisance here in Van Nuys. (“Add this to the list of things I’ll never miss: The gas-powered leaf blower,” Opinion, Oct. 17)

I’ve been to Councilman Paul Krekorian’s office to discuss the non-enforcement of the city’s ban on gas leaf blowers. His aide said that police have more urgent issues to contend with. The aide also reminded me that electric blowers with reduced noise levels are still allowed in the city. That answers the air pollution issue, and a bit of the noise issue, but they still stir up the dust.

I must admit that a blower is used even by my own gardeners each week. I’ve told them to minimize its use, not to blow up dust around my pool and to let the dead leaves sit on the soil under the trees as nature intended. Yet they keep on with their routine, as if any motorized labor-saving device will make their job performance better.


I’ve tried in the past to encourage the use of rakes and brooms, even offering to increase the compensation to the fellows. Not interested. Part of the problem is the language barrier. I’ll keep trying.

Greg Golden, Van Nuys