Op-Comic: My patients wrestle with end-of-life care, even if there’s a living will

Illustration of a woman sitting on the edge of a living will
(Nathan Gray / For The Times)

Gray is an assistant professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and an artist who draws comics on medical topics. @NathanAGray

Illustration of an eye with tears falling and another illustration of a sick woman wearing a mask
Illustration of a family member comforting a patient with a mask with a living will in the background
Slightly abstract illustration of a group of people looking up and papers with writing on them falling
Illustration of a mother flanked by two children
Illustration of a doctor in a car with a patient driving on a road from home to hospital and beyond
Illustration of a woman looking at headstones that are cellphones
Illustration of a book cover, a cup that says "death cafe" on it and a house
Illustration of Gautama Buddha
Ilustration shows a patient being loaded into a van; the van going down a road; and a house
Illustration of a person's hand holding a skull
(Nathan Gray / For The Times)