The Times podcast: The Chinese Communist Party and me, Part 2

Xi Jinping volumes
Biographies of Xi Jinping and volumes of Xi thought outnumber Mao Zedong books 4 to 1 at a giftshop in Yan’an, China.
(Alice Su / Los Angeles Times)

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On July 1st, the Chinese Communist Party kicked off its 100th anniversary by celebrating China’s economic success and ambitions to create a new world order. The festivities, of course, are carefully choreographed. For decades, the Communist Party has crushed any counter-narratives to promote a whitewashed version of Chinese history. Those who deviate from the party’s official narrative suffer retribution — and in recent days, records of that punishment have been expunged as well.


Today, we focus on a newly revised volume of Communist Party history that aims to airbrush its past for a younger generation who have come of age in a tightly controlled social environment. And we highlight the young activists who are trying to bring attention to this whitewashing — and are getting jailed or exiled for doing so. Our guest is L.A. Times Beijing bureau chief Alice Su.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guest: Los Angeles Times Beijing bureau chief Alice Su

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