The Times podcast: The Taliban beat me up, then let me go

Taliban fighters with guns
Taliban fighters stand guard at a checkpoint in Kabul, Afghanistan, near the U.S. Embassy that was previously guarded by U.S. troops.
(Associated Press)

The last time we talked to L.A. Times photographer and foreign correspondent Marcus Yam, he and L.A. Times Middle East bureau chief Nabih Bulos had just gone on a ride-along with the Afghan Air Force. Toward the end of the episode, the two mentioned how the Taliban was barreling through Afghanistan on the march to regain control over a country it last ruled 20 years ago. Now, the organization is busy setting up a government as the United States vows to withdraw completely by Aug. 31.


Yam returns to tell us what he’s seeing in Afghanistan, what people are telling him, and how Taliban members assaulted him, detained him — then apologized and let him go.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guest: L.A. Times photographer and foreign correspondent Marcus Yam

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