The Times podcast: LGBTQ+ comics on Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special

A person holds a microphone onstage.
Dave Chappelle performs in “The Closer.”
(Mathieu Bitton/Netflix)
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This month, comedy legend Dave Chappelle released his latest stand-up Netflix special, called “The Closer.” It immediately drew criticism for jokes widely viewed as transphobic, and it has created turmoil behind the scenes at Netflix. But there’s also been a backlash to the backlash, by fans who say social justice warriors just want to cancel Chappelle.

One group is particularly well positioned to have insights on the controversy: LGBTQ comedians. Today, we hear from three.


Host: L.A. Times deputy arts and entertainment editor Nate Jackson

Guests: Comedians Tuesday Thomas, Deven Bouchet, and Billy McCartney

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