The Times podcast: Leyna Bloom on breaking ground as a trans woman of color

A young woman and a young man look into each other's eyes.
Leyna Bloom, left, as Wye and Fionn Whitehead as Paul in the 2021 film “Port Authority.”
(Momentum Pictures)

Over the last few years, Leyna Bloom has been the first in many categories. In 2017, she became the first trans woman of color to grace the pages of Vogue India. In 2019, she became one of the first trans women to walk Paris Fashion Week. And most recently, she broke barriers again as the first trans cover model for Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit issue.


On this crossover episode with our sister podcast “Asian Enough,” Bloom talks about her ties to ballroom, her Black and Filipina identity and reuniting with her mom after decades apart.

Hosts: Tracy Brown and Jen Yamato

Guest: Leyna Bloom

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