The Times podcast: Where carne asada is a crime

A man grills food.
Hector “Guero” Garcia grills carne asada over a charcoal grill at Taqueria El Puerto in Anaheim.
(Gabriel San Roman / Times O.C.)
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For more than 140 years, street vendors hawking Mexican food have been a staple of life in Southern California. Horse-drawn tamale wagons turned into taco trucks, turned into hot dog carts, turned into pop-up tents — and, eventually, hipsters caught on and these trends went national.

But even as SoCal has become famous worldwide for its street food scene, government officials have amped up their war on it.


Today, we examine one city’s crackdown on street vendors. And we also talk to an East L.A. taquero affected by code enforcement.

Host: Gustavo Arellano

Guests: Times O.C. reporter Gabriel San Román, The Times producer Angel Carreras, and Birriería González manager Frankie Tinoco.

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