Philip Rivers doesn’t believe Chargers’ poor start will tear the team apart


There’s a possibility the Chargers will rally and salvage what remains of a season now sitting at a disappointing and somewhat surprising 2-5.

There’s also a chance they might just “wallow around,” and finish “3-13 or 4-12,” quarterback Philip Rivers said.

A third option is the team completely falling apart and becoming a soap opera on turf, with players splintering in a variety of directions and with a myriad of agendas.


“I don’t think it’ll tear us apart,” Rivers said. “I mean, there’s a difference between tearing us apart and still just not ever getting it figured out. I don’t think it’ll tear us apart.

“It’s not something we can just talk ourselves into. We just got to keep working and keep believing that it’ll happen. And, I think we’ll do that. I think we’ve got the guys that’ll do that. It’s certainly going to be tough.”

Untested players have struggled to be effective in big defensive roles for the Chargers in the wake of injuries to prominent players.

Oct. 20, 2019

Before the Chargers lost to Tennessee 23-20 on Sunday, ESPN gave them a 5% chance of making the playoffs. That number is probably closer to zero today.

The only team in the AFC that has a worse record at the moment is Cincinnati, and the Bengals have yet to win.

On the plus side for the Chargers, every team in the conference other than New England (6-0) and Buffalo (5-1) already has lost at least twice.


“There’s going to be more teams in a cluster than maybe ever, it looks like to me, just around the league,” Rivers said. “That’s just kind of what it looks like.”

Of course, the Chargers have many more issues to consider first before worrying about where they rank in the AFC.

“I think I know the character of this team,” coach Anthony Lynn said. “We have been through a lot together, and I know all of these men work every single day. So I expect them to bounce back. But, it’s tough. I mean, it hurts. Every man in that locker room is hurting right now.”