Chargers make some alterations to logo for 2020 season


One day after the Rams unveiled their rebranded logo, the Chargers did the same Tuesday, releasing images of a slightly altered version of the team’s lightning bolt.

In a news release, the Chargers announced they were “relaunching what is very much an aspirational brand synonymous with sunshine, blue skies and a fun, carefree style of play dating back to the team’s AFL roots.”

The team also confirmed it would be altering its uniforms for the 2020 season, though the changes aren’t expected to be drastic.


The Chargers uniform, particularly its powder blue, is considered to be among the most classic in the NFL.

“With the new Bolt a sleeker, more streamlined version of its old self as the team’s primary mark, it’s also one color lighter,” read the team’s release. “Gone is the three-tone Bolt with a navy keyline — the new Bolt has been paired down to only include Powder Blue and Sunshine Gold.”

The logo changes were inspired by Southern California’s surf, skate and car cultures.

The Rams officially unveiled their new logos for 2020, and it has a different look compared with the draft hat logo leaked on social media.

March 23, 2020

“The bold, italicized font and numbers are an ode to an era that saw legendary Mustang modifier Carroll Shelby set up shop in Marina del Rey and Latino youths on the Eastside turn 1940s cars into sleek, irreverent lowriders,” the team announced. “The font and numbers, like a souped-up Shelby, symbolize speed, power and constant forward motion while their placement within the brand is a nod to modifying a classic.”

Images of the new uniforms are scheduled to be released soon.