Clippers get a closer look at two point guards and a forward at NBA combine


As the end of a long Thursday at the NBA combine was reaching its conclusion and three of the players the Clippers have interest in drafting made their way to be interviewed by the media, owner Steve Ballmer eased his way into that room with a knowing look.

He spoke to the media, but politely declined to talk about whom the Clippers would select with their 12th and 13th picks in the June 21 NBA draft.

But it was clear Ballmer was excited about the prospects of the Clippers perhaps getting Michigan State’s Miles Bridges, Kentucky’s Shai Gilgeous-Alexander or Alabama’s Collin Sexton.


All three have been listed on draft boards as possible candidates for the Clippers to select.

Both Bridges and Sexton said they had interviews with the Clippers. They were impressed by coach Doc Rivers and team consultant Jerry West.

Gilgeous-Alexander, a 6-foot-6 point guard, wouldn’t disclose which teams had interviewed him.

“The teams that I spoke to didn’t give me the permission to say if I spoke with them or not,” he said.

The Clippers are in need of a point guard with size and talent. Gilgeous-Alexander was asked what he knew about the team.

“They’re a young team,” he said. “I know they just got rid of Blake Griffin [in a trade to Detroit]. They got a lot of pieces. That’s pretty much it.”

Miles Bridges listens to a question during a media session at the NBA combine on Thursday at Quest MultiSport Complex in Chicago.
(Stacy Revere / Getty Images )

When told that some mock drafts have him and Kentucky teammate Kevin Knox both going to the Clippers, Gilgeous-Alexander sounded hopeful.

“That would be really fun, also really helpful for both of us,” Gilgeous-Alexander said. “We both know each other’s tendencies and have played pretty successful alongside each other in the past year. Continuing that would only make it better for us.”

It was clear that Bridges was fully aware of his possible draft position, and that it included the Clippers.

“In that 7-12 range, that’s all a great fit for me,” Bridges said. “New York would be a great fit for me, L.A., all those type of teams.”

He is listed as a 6-7, 230-pound combo forward.

In the new NBA of position-less basketball, Bridges thinks he fits that type.

“They ask me that all the time, what position I play,” Bridges said. “And I say I don’t have a position.”

Sexton, a 6-2 point guard expected to go in the top 10, was asked whether he knew who West was.

Collin Sexton speaks with reporters during the NBA combine on Thursday at Quest MultiSport Complex in Chicago.
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After all, Sexton is only 19.

“He’s the logo,” Sexton said, smiling. “He’s a top player of all time. It was great.”

Sexton said there was a central theme during his conversation with the Clippers.

“Absolutely they talked about defense,” he said. “They probably would have won a couple more games if they would have played good, sound defense. They got Pat Beverley. He’s a great defensive player, but they just needed that one more person that was going to lock down.”

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