Dodgers’ Brian Wilson gets his Giants’ World Series ring

Brian Wilson said he got his World Series ring late Thursday, after one of the weirdest confrontations in baseball history.

After the Dodgers concluded their series in San Francisco on Thursday, as his teammates retreated to the visiting clubhouse, Wilson walked across the field to a box adjacent to the Giants’ dugout. Wilson, still in his Dodgers uniform, asked Giants President Larry Baer why he had yet to receive his 2012 championship ring.

“I got my ring,” Wilson said Friday at Dodger Stadium. “It’s of no one’s concern. It was handled.

“I’m not asking America to understand. I don’t play games. I handled the situation. It’s over with. It’s squashed.”


Wilson had no other comment.

Baer told KNBR, the Giants’ flagship radio station, that he immediately contacted Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti to arrange for the ring to get to Wilson.

“He didn’t want anything other than to take the ring on the bus with him,” Baer said.

Baer said he was a bit taken aback, saying Wilson had declined the Giants’ invitation to the ring ceremony in April and had traded messages with team officials since then. Baer said he did not fault Wilson for an emotional reaction, since the series marked his first appearance as a visiting player in San Francisco.


“It was the heat of the moment,” Baer said. “I think he had been heckled by the fans when he was warming up.”