Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl suspensions delayed until Friday

How many players on the Dodgers and Arizona Diamondbacks will be suspended in the wake of Tuesday’s brawl at Dodger Stadium?

We’ll have to wait until Friday to find out. Although Major League Baseball had been expected to announce fines and suspensions on Thursday, the league delayed the announcement until Friday, according to a baseball source.

The Dodgers could face the loss of phenom Yasiel Puig. He was one of three Dodgers ejected in Tuesday’s fight, along with reliever Ronald Belisario and hitting coach Mark McGwire.


However, suspensions, fines or both can be issued to parties who are not ejected. Reliever J.P. Howell and Manager Don Mattingly each were involved in one-on-one incidents. Pitchers Josh Beckett and Chris Capuano took part in the fight, violating a rule that forbids players on the disabled list from coming onto the field.

Pitcher Zack Greinke hit Arizona catcher Miguel Montero with a pitch after Diamondbacks pitcher Ian Kennedy hit Puig with a pitch. If MLB determines Greinke was throwing at Montero intentionally, he too could face discipline.

Suspended players have the right to appeal and can play until the appeal is heard. If multiple players from one team are suspended, the league generally tries to stagger the suspension so no team is short two or three players.