Should the Dodgers fire Don Mattingly? [Poll]

Is Don Mattingly too calm in the Dodgers dugout to be an effective manager?
(Morry Gash / Associated Press)

It has been a tough season so far for Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly. His team is underperforming, his contract runs out at the end of the season, and upper management hasn’t exactly given him a lot of glowing endorsements publicly.

But should he be fired? Is he the reason the Dodgers are off to such a bad start?

Mattingly, after all, can’t bat for these guys. It’s the players who aren’t hitting in clutch situations.

Mattingly can’t pitch for these guys. He’s not the one blowing save after save (I’m looking at you, Brandon League).


And Mattingly isn’t a doctor. It’s not his fault that seemingly half the team has been on the disabled list this season.

On the other hand, in the dugout, Mattingly shows all the emotion of a concrete wall. Umpire botches a play? Mattingly might go out and discuss it, but you rarely seem him get mad about anything. Some fans see that as a liability, thinking that you have to show emotion to raise the level of play in your players.

Either way, it’s a good debate. One the Dodgers front office has probably had a couple of times already this season.

So, would you fire Mattingly? Vote in our informal survey and let us know.