Dodgers are worth $2.4 billion, ranking No. 2 in MLB, Forbes says

Fans and players celebrate a Dodgers home run on Sept. 7, 2014. Forbes ranked the team's value at $2.4 billion, second-highest in MLB.
(Christina House / For The Times)

The Dodgers are the second most valuable team in all of Major League Baseball, behind only the New York Yankees, according to Forbes, which released its annual rankings Wednesday. And yes, the figures are in the billions.

The Dodgers have a team value of $2.4 billion and had a revenue stream of $403 million last season, according to

The financial publication credits the $120 million in TV money made last season through the team’s 25-year deal with Time Warner Cable, and having the highest attendance in MLB during the regular season, as major factors for its value.

Though the ranking is the same as in 2014, the value is up. Last year, Forbes reported the team was worth $2 billion.


The Yankees’ team value was placed at $3.2 billion. The team, which has missed the postseason for two consecutive years, had a revenue stream of $508 million last season, Forbes said.

The Yankees have held the top spot since Forbes started valuing teams in 1998.

Rounding out the top five teams are the Boston Red Sox, worth $2.1 billion; the San Francisco Giants, $2 billion; and the Chicago Cubs, $1.8 billion, according to Forbes.

The Angels were listed at No. 8 with a value of $1.3 billion.

The Baltimore Orioles, at No. 15, are the last organization listed in the billion-dollar range with, a worth of $1 billion, according to Forbes.

The Tampa Bay Rays are at the bottom of the list, but still worth $625 million, Forbes reported.

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