The day Glenn Frey played sports broadcaster with Dodgers’ Vin Scully [Video]


It’s been a miserable start to 2016 for rock ’n’ roll, first with the loss of David Bowie and now the Eagles’ Glenn Frey.

Frey, who died Monday at age 67, was a huge sports fan who adopted Los Angeles as his home. He could often be seen at Lakers games, and like many, he let his mind run to what it would have been like to have a career as a professional sportscaster.

Celebrities have doors opened that the rest of us do not, of course, and Frey was able to live his sports dream for a day. He not only got to play sportscaster, but alongside Dodgers Hall of Famer Vin Scully.


Scully prefers to work alone but took Frey into the booth at Dodger Stadium for a summer game in 1985. Fortunately, Frey’s experience with Scully was saved and included in a Major League Baseball production about the pairing of baseball and music that aired later that decade.

Frey’s hit, “The Heat Is On,” was a natural for baseball and the MLB piece.

He was certainly no Scully, but you have to admire his excitement and on the Pedro Guerrero home-run call featured in the segment.