Dodgers Dugout: Who is the greatest Dodger of all time?

Jackie Robinson, left, and Roy Campanella in 1948.
(Associated Press)

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Houston Mitchell, and I’m hoping everyone has a better year than last year.

The greatest of all time

Who is the greatest Dodger of all time? Jackie Robinson? Sandy Koufax? Vin Scully? Pedro Baez? The list is endless. So, I am asking for your help.


I want you to send me your list of the 10 greatest Dodgers of all time. They can be L.A. Dodgers or Brooklyn Dodgers. Managers count, as do general managers, owners and announcers. In short, anyone who has been connected with the Dodgers in some way is eligible. You and the rest of the readers of this newsletter will decide who is the greatest.

So, I need you to email me your list of who you consider to be the 10 greatest. Please list them in order from 1-10. Points will be assigned based on their place in the ballot, with 12 points going to your No. 1 choice, 10 points for No. 2, eight points for No. 3, seven points for No. 4, all the way down to one point for No. 10.

Voting will remain open through Feb. 1, and we will count down the top 20 vote getters soon after that. So, send me your list!

Dick Enberg


Though he didn’t really have a connection to the Dodgers, I feel the need to mention the passing of Dick Enberg on Dec. 21. Enberg was an icon in Southern California and was known nationally as the voice of the Rose Bowl game for many years as well as calling NFL games for NBC among a long list of accomplishments.

But what I will remember him for is his tenure as the Angels main announcer. For a couple of seasons, he teamed up with Don Drysdale and gave Vin Scully a run for his money as the best baseball broadcaster in the L.A. area.

Former Times sports editor Bill Dwyre wrote a great tribute to Enberg that you can read here.

Season tickets prices


Yep, season ticket prices went up. We’ll talk more about that next week, but in the meantime you can read about it here.

And finally

The Dodgers are remaining eerily quiet this offseason. In the meantime, enjoy these Hyun-jin Ryu engagement photos.

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