Dodgers Dugout: Today’s the big day. Game 1 at Dodger Stadium

LOS ANGELES, CA, SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22, 2017 -Dodgers catcher Austin Barnes walks off after batting pra
Austin Barnes is ready for the World Series.
(Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times)

Hi, and welcome to another edition of Dodgers Dugout. My name is Los Angeles Mitchell. I sold my house and car and still can’t afford World Series tickets.

Dodgers versus Astros

Today is the big day. Game 1. Some thoughts.

--Who’s going to throw out the first pitch? Here’s my suggestion. Game 1: Sandy Koufax, Vin Scully and Maury Wills. Game 2: Tommy Lasorda, Orel Hershiser and Kirk Gibson. Game 6 (if needed): Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Reggie Smith and Dusty Baker. Game 7 (if needed): Fernando Valenzuela.


--It is going to be between 95 and 100 degrees at game time. If you go, wear a cap and stay hydrated.

--It looks more likely that Corey Seager will be on the World Series roster. The Dodgers will announce their roster today, after you get this. So who should drop off? I would keep Charlie Culberson to allow Seager to DH in Houston and I would drop Curtis Granderson. The other candidate to drop is Kyle Farmer, but I like the flexibility of having three catchers on the roster. Tne rosters will be announced today, with my luck probably a minute after this newsletter goes out.

--One of the most interesting parts of this World Series: Both teams acquired frontline starters to bolster their staff. The Dodgers got Yu Darvish; the Astros got Justin Verlander. Both have pitched great in the postseason. The Series just may hinge on which of those pitch better. Verlander goes in Game 2, Darvish in Game 3. And, if it goes that far, Darvish could be the Game 7 starter (or Kershaw on short rest). Wouldn’t that be interesting?

--I keep having this vision of the same thing happening here that happened in the Yankees-Astros series: Dodgers win first two, lose three in Houston, win two in L.A. It would be great to win the World Series at home.


--But if they win it in Houston, I’ll be fine with that too.

Game 1 pitching matchups

Clayton Kershaw vs. Dallas Keuchel

Astros vs. Kershaw

Josh Reddick: 1.000 (1 for 1)

Jose Altuve: .400 (6 for 15), 4 doubles

Carlos Correa: .333 (1 for 3)

Carlos Beltran: .259 (7 for 27), 3 doubles


Evan Gattis: .250 (3 for 12), 1 double

Cameron Maybin: .133 (4 for 30)

Brian McCann: .000 (0 for 5)

Marwin Gonzalez: .000 (0 for 3)

Pitchers: .500 (2 for 4)

Team: .240 (24 for 100), 8 doubles

Dodgers vs. Keuchel

Logan Forsythe: .350 (7 for 20), 1 triple


Chase Utley: .250 (1 for 4)

Chris Taylor: .000 (0 for 3), 3 strikeouts

Team: .296 (8 for 27)

Hey, I know him

Remember former Dodger Alex Cora? He played shortstop and second base for the Dodgers from 1998 to 2004. He is best remembered for a lengthy at bat that ended with a home run. You can watch that here.

Why am I bringing him up? He was named manager of the Boston Red Sox over the weekend, though it can’t be officially announced until after the World Series ends.

Josh “Big Baby” Reddick doesn’t like us

The Dodgers acquired Josh Reddick last season at the trade deadline to basically replace Yasiel Puig in right field. He got off to a horrible start and Dodgers fans booed him. It hurt his feelings. He told Times reporter Pedro Moura:

“It’s gonna be fun. There were a lot of good guys there that I played with last year, trying to get where we are now. Personally, I wouldn’t rather do it against any other team. I wasn’t really a fan favorite there. I got booed a lot as a home player. I didn’t really fit in, it seemed like they thought. I tried to put that behind me. But I think it’s gonna be fun to go back, especially to beat them. It’s gonna be a really good feeling for me personally.

“Nothing against that team, that organization. There’s a lot of history and a lot of great guys over there. But the fanbase, I think it would be more personal for me to win. Just to get that reaction from them. But it’s not gonna be easy. They’re a really good team, a really good ballpark. Their fans are gonna be loud, just like it was for this series for the Yankees.”

The World Series

All games start at 5 p.m. PT and are televised on Fox.

Game 1: Tuesday, Astros (Dallas Keuchel) at Dodgers (Clayton Kershaw)

Game 2: Wednesday, Astros (Justin Verlander) at Dodgers (Rich Hill)

Game 3: Friday, Dodgers (Yu Darvish) at Astros (TBA)

Game 4: Saturday, Dodgers (Alex Wood) at Astros (TBA)

Game 5*: Sunday, Dodgers (Kershaw) at Astros (TBA)

Game 6*: Tuesday, Oct. 31, Astros (TBA) at Dodgers (Hill)

Game 7*: Wednesday, Nov. 1, Astros (TBA) at Dodgers (Darvish)

* if necessary

And finally

This needs no explanation. Just watch.

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