More evidence for Dodgers why Vin Scully is blinkin’ incredible

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Ah, the wonders of Vin Scully never cease.

He’s a Renaissance man who no doubt could have chosen a multitude of professions to entertain the masses, but we’ve been blessed in Los Angeles for the past 54 years to hear him broadcast the Dodgers.


He’s 84 and still delighting his listeners, as evidenced during Monday night’s televised Dodgers game against the Rockies. It was the night that “blinkin’” officially replaced “bleeping” as the substitute word of choice for that certain expletive.

In the seventh inning he expanded his normal duties to include lip-reading and translation, while even offering a dash of a British accent.

Scully’s latest gem came in the seventh inning after Shane Victorino sent a sinking, two-out liner to center. Colorado’s Dexter Fowler charged forward, dove and was ruled to have snagged the drive just before it ricocheted off the grass.

But Don Mattingly protested the ball was trapped, and after the umpires huddled, they agreed and ruled it a single; replays indicated the ball bounced off the web of Fowler’s glove as it scraped the turf and was a catch.

The reversal, naturally, brought irate manager Jim Tracy out of the Rockies dugout.

“Uh-oh,” said Scully, completely in tune with what was about to unfold. “Uh-oh.”

Then Scully artfully went into his unique lip-reading mode.

“‘He caught the ball,’ Jim said. ‘He caught the blinkin’ ball. He caught the darn ball.’ Uh-oh, you’re gone. He is gone.

“‘That is blinkin’ fertilizer.’ I’m doing the best to translate.

“‘You’ve got to be blinkin’ me. The ball, he caught the ball! Unbelievable. Blinkin’ unbelievable. No way. No blinking way. No bloody way.’

“Jim’s gone, so he’s spending house money now.”

Scully then correctly, if politely, noted that the ball appeared to be caught and the whole process would have taken less time if the umpires had been able to see the slo-mo replay.


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