There’s no crying in baseball: Dodgers’ Juan Uribe is still here

Now, now, it’s not that bad. Really, there are worse things in life. You could be assigned to cover synchronized anything.

So after Wednesday’s game, the Dodgers sent Jerry Sands back to triple-A Albuquerque to make roster room for Adam Kennedy. And as some of you apparently noticed, that means Juan Uribe was not designated for assignment.

Which also likely means he’s not going anywhere for the rest of the season. If they’re not going to unload him now, when would they?

Now, for some completely mystifying reason, fans want Uribe’s wonderfully round head, which, I’ve always argued, fits perfectly with his frame.

Apparently it has something to do with his current .193 batting average, which follows his .204 average from last season, which followed his signing a three-year contract for $21 million.


Though he’s had his share of injuries, the truth is that Uribe has been a serious bust, failing to deliver an ounce of the power the Dodgers originally hoped he would provide. And we’re not talking 25-30 home-run power either, but simply 15-20 power. In his nearly two seasons, he’s hit six total home runs.

Although Kennedy hasn’t done much either (.250, .302 on-base and .332 slugging percentages), no one was really expecting much. So by comparative expectation, he’s been a very mild success.

Yet they’re keeping Kennedy and Uribe and sending down Sands, the supposed power bat in waiting who was called up for all of three games.

They’re keeping Uribe, who hasn’t started a game since July 22. Who is never going to hit his way out of his slump if he doesn’t play. Who is now playing behind Luis Cruz and -- the last two games -- Jerry Hairston Jr.

“I’m going to play the team that gives us the best chance to win, and I think that’s Jerry Hairston at third,” said Manager Don Mattingly.

Which leaves Uribe where? He has the best glove at third, but is not even being used as a defensive replacement. You could argue he at least offers a more stretch-drive-experienced bat than Sands, though thus far he’s 1-for-8 as a pinch-hitter.

If it came down to a late-inning situation in a key September game and you had to choose between Uribe and Sands to pinch hit, who would you pick? No, I mean, that’s your choice.

Apparently the Dodgers would rather trust a bat that’s been in these situations, even if it has been in hiding ever since he donned Dodger blue.

So buck up, it appears Uribe is going to be here through the rest of the season. Better find somewhere else to direct your Dodger angst. And don’t forget, he’s owed $7 million next season too.


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