Stan Kasten shares his Vin Scully moment

It seems every Dodgers fan has a reason for why Vin Scully is the greatest announcer of all time, and that includes Stan Kasten, president and chief executive of the Dodgers.

Sitting down with Times columnist Bill Dwyre on Wednesday, Kasten said he isn’t thinking about who will be behind the microphone once Scully calls it a career. Instead, Kasten, like a lot of Dodgers fans, is still in awe at what the 84-year-old announcer can accomplish on any given summer night.

Kasten, who’s been around long enough to be rarely surprised when something happens in the baseball world, told a story to his audience that illustrated Scully’s knowledge of the game.

Listening to Scully’s call of a game from his office recently, Kasten was impressed (though not surprised) that Scully described the correct way for defensive players to execute a rundown.


However, it wasn’t until Kasten talked to Scully later about the play that he was truly impressed (and this time surprised) by how much of a legend Scully really is.

Check out the video above to see Kasten describe his enlightening moment with Scully.


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