This was Tommy Lasorda at his unfiltered (and occasionally NSFW) best

Tommy Lasorda at Dodger Stadium during the 2011 season.
(Paul Buck / EPA)

The late Tommy Lasorda had a way with words — and sometimes those words were rather profane.

So if you happen to be at work, near children or at all sensitive about those kinds of things, by all means do not click on the videos below.

But if you’re in an appropriate setting and would like to remember Lasorda at his unfiltered finest, here’s a sampling for you — his feelings about the Chicago Cubs’ Dave Kingman hitting three home runs against L.A., his reaction to the San Diego Padres’ Kurt Bevacqua saying Lasorda ordered Tom Niedenfuer to purposely hit a batter, and his argument with Dodgers pitcher Doug Rau while miked up during Game 4 of the 1977 World Series.

Also included is the clip of Lasorda’s infamous physical altercation with the Philly Phanatic in 1988. No curse words here ... but very likely only because Lasorda was not mic’d up for this one.


Tommy Lasorda on Dave Kingman

Tommy Lasorda on Kurt Bevacqua

Tommy Lasorda and Doug Rau

Tommy Lasorda vs. the Philly Phanatic

Tommy Lasorda, who won two World Series championships in 20 years as Dodgers manager, died Thursday night of a heart attack after a long illness.

Tommy Lasorda has died at 93. The Times invites you to share your memories of the legendary Dodgers manager.

Tommy Lasorda, who died Thursday night of a heart attack at age 93, bled Dodger Blue nearly his entire life, spilling it across every corner of the world.

Legendary Dodgers manager and baseball ambassador Tom Lasorda died of a heart attack Thursday at age 93. He was always quick with a quip, and here are some.