Season Interrupted: Princeton-bound Henry Wedbush is a happy camper


Throughout the spring, The Times will interview high school seniors whose athletic careers were cut short by the coronavirus outbreak.

Name: Henry Wedbush

School: Los Angeles Loyola

Sport: Volleyball, setter

Notable honors: Captain, All-CIF last season for Division 1 Cubs

Summer plans: Playing volleyball (hopefully) in Manhattan Beach

Fall plans: Will attend Princeton, major in aerospace engineering

How his coach broke the news about the abrupt end to the season:
“Coach [Michael] Boehle called a meeting at lunch. He ended up telling us our game [against Corona del Mar] was canceled and we’re not going to be able to practice again until Monday because of the outbreak. A lot of us had sneaking suspicions this wasn’t going to be only til Monday, that it was going to last longer. A lot of us were heartbroken because that was going to be a huge redemption match.”


How video conferencing has brought the team together:
“It’s good to know they are healthy and home. It’s good to talk about how we feel about our season being canceled. I’m glad there’s an interface that lets us talk with one another and share our feelings. In that way, it is kind of a group therapy session.”

How he stays in shape:
“With volleyball, it’s really a group sport. Me and my little sisters are doing anything we can to get touches on the volleyball. They’ve been giving out $1,000 fines for going out on the beach and playing volleyball.”

What new interests he’s discovered with his free time:
“I’ve gotten into camping, which is a little weird. You can’t really leave your house, so I’ve been going up on my roof deck and setting up a tent. I’m going on Amazon and buying tents and sleeping bags and lanterns.”

Where he sees himself in 10 years:
“Hopefully I’ll be playing professionally somewhere in Europe. I’d like to do something with an engineering degree designing planes and working with jet engines.”

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