CIF discussing financial hardship waivers for transfer students

CIF executive director Ron Nocetti

With more than 30 million filings for unemployment nationwide and lots of financial uncertainty, the organization that governs high school sports in California is having discussions about possible relief from transfer rules for students forced to switch schools.

Since the fall of 2012, when the current sit-out rule went into effect (student athletes are not allowed to participate in their sport for about a month when they switch high schools without changing their home address), there has been no waiver for financial hardship.

Now the California Interscholastic Federation has committees looking into possible scenarios depending on how the landscape looks when school resumes this fall. No decisions have been made on how to proceed.


“We’re continually having conversations about what kind of waivers we’ll need moving forward,” said Ron Nocetti, executive director of the CIF.

Lots of families have struggled paying tuition at private schools. Private schools have received small-business loans to help pay employees. Families also could end up having to switch public schools for financial reasons.

When the high school sports season resumes, the CIF will need a plan how to deal with the financial hardship of families.