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Lonzo Ball learns how to do laundry at UCLA

UCLA freshman adjusts to college life

It was basketball media day on Wednesday at UCLA, and prized freshman recruit Lonzo Ball from Chino Hills went through the usual question and answer routine from media members.

Then I got my chance to ask the toughest question for a freshman in college: Do you know how to do laundry?

“I just learned how to do it,” he said. “The first time was kind of a struggle.”

No, it wasn’t a struggle. Let’s say it was a little disaster.


“You definitely have to put it in the washer before the dryer,” he said. “One time I put it in the dryer before the washer and I had to do it all over again.”

But Ball is a fast learner.

“I had my mom do it for so many years, but I’m growing up now and I got to do it myself,” he said.

So the key to doing laundry is . . .


“Put it in the washer first,” Ball said.

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