The 50 greatest moments in Super Bowl history, Nos. 30-21

We continue our countdown of the best Super Bowl moments with Nos. 21-30.

Monday: Nos. 41-50

Tuesday: Nos. 31-40


Today: Nos. 21-30

Thursday: Nos. 11-20

Friday: Nos. 1-10


No. 30: Neil O’Donnell to Larry Brown, Super Bowl XXX

Trailing 20-17 with about four minutes remaining, Steelers quarterback Neil O’Donnell throws a beautiful pass---to Cowboys cornerback Larry Brown, who returns the ball to the six. Dallas goes on to score and win the game, 27-17.

Neil O’Donnell’s interception

No. 29: Touchdown for the Refrigerator

All 350 pounds of William “the Refrigerator” Perry rips a hole in the Patriots defensive line to score on a one-yard touchdown run.

The Refrigerator scores

No. 28: Montana to Rice keeps the drive alive, Super Bowl XXIII

Facing second and 20 with less than two minutes remaining and trailing by three, 49ers quarterback Joe Montana finds Jerry Rice, who splits defenders and runs upfield for a 26-yard gain, keeping the game-winning drive against Cincinnati going.

Montana to Rice keeps drive alive

No. 27: Montana to Taylor wins it, Super Bowl XXIII

Two plays after keeping the drive alive with the completion to Rice, Montana finds receiver John Taylor in the end zone to give the 49ers the win over Cincinnati.

Montana to Taylor, victory

No. 26: Joe Montana spots John Candy, Super Bowl XXIII

Of course, what led up to the passes to Rice and Taylor is the best part. Trailing by three and starting the game-winning drive deep in his own territory, Montana knew he needed to release some of the pressure on his team. In the huddle, he turns to teammate Harris Barton and says, “There, in the stands, standing near the exit ramp Isn’t that John Candy?”


Isn’t that John Candy?

No. 25: The Michael Jackson halftime show. Super Bowl XXVI

In one of the last great moments of his legendary career, Jackson put on what became the prototype for a Super Bowl halftime show: fireworks, stunning entrances and an elaborate stage.

Michael Jackson halftime show

No. 24: John Stallworth’s 73-yard touchdown grab, Super Bowl XIV

It was a dagger to the heart of L.A. Rams fans. Trailing 19-17 in the fourth quarter, Pittsburgh quarterback Terry Bradshaw connects with John Stallworth on a 73-yard touchdown pass play to give the Steelers the lead.

Bradsahw to Stallworth

No. 23: Super Bowl I

You can’t have any of the other Super Bowl moments without Super Bowl I.

Super Bowl I

No. 22: The greatest Super Bowl commercial of all time

Because every kid who has seen a Star Wars movie has tried to do the same thing this kid does in this ad.

Greatest Super Bowl commercial

No. 21: Simms to McConkey on a flea-flicker, Super Bowl XXI

Phil Simms completes a 44-yard flea-flicker to  Phil McConkey, who is tackled at the one. The Giants score on the next play for a 26-10 lead over Denver.

Simms to McConkey

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