Flyers’ new mascot is named Gritty, but there are much more accurate adjectives to describe the thing

The Philadelphia Flyers’ new mascot is named Gritty. According to the team’s website, “he earned the name ‘Gritty’ for possessing an attitude so similar to the team he follows.”

But some other adjectives might describe the recently unveiled creature more accurately.

Like “scary.”

Or “creepy.”


Or “horrifying.”

Here, take a look for yourself (if you dare):

Now don’t be fooled by the fact that he resembles the Dodgers’ popular third baseman Justin Turner, who just so happens to resemble the lovable Muppets drummer Animal ...


… because you know who else resembles Turner? This guy.

And don’t be swayed by those googly Cookie Monster eyes ...

… because you know who else has googly eyes? This guy!

There’s already evidence that this Gritty guy is trouble. Here’s an innocent reaction to the new Flyers mascot from the Pittsburgh Penguins:


And here’s Gritty’s totally unhinged reaction:

So just be forewarned. You don’t want to mess with this guy.

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