Jim Harbaugh wants a Tom Brady statue on Michigan campus

Colorado v Michigan
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, left, on the field with Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh before the Wolverines’ game against Colorado on Sept. 17, 2016.
(Duane Burleson / Getty Images)

Tom Brady was 20-5 as Michigan’s starting quarterback in 1998 and 1999 and finished his college career with 4,773 passing yards and 30 touchdowns.

Not bad — but not exactly the numbers of a living legend. Brady didn’t reach that status until well after his days with the Wolverines.

Nonetheless, current Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh thinks Brady should be immortalized on campus.

“I think it’s time, don’t you, for a Tom Brady statue to built right here,” Harbaugh said on his podcast this week, days after Brady led the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl victory for the sixth time in his career.


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“I think we can all agree now, Tom Brady ... he’s lapped the field in football. You’re synonymous now with Babe Ruth, with Michael Jordan. The university he attended should build a statue.”

Makes sense. The only thing left to figure out is where on campus to put it.

“Right in front of Schembechler Hall, or do you put it in the stadium?” said Harbaugh, who played quarterback at Michigan from 1983 to 1986. “Where would you put the Tom Brady statue? … The tunnel? Maybe the tunnel? Where do you put it? Maybe some of the listeners can tell us.”


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