Readers remember Muhammad Ali: ‘the most charismatic person of my lifetime’

Fans are mourning after the world lost boxing legend Muhammad Ali on Friday. He was 74 and had been fighting Parkinson’s syndrome for many years. 

Here, our readers share their best memories and lessons learned from Ali. 

He wasn’t just the greatest boxer of my lifetime. He was probably the most charismatic person of my lifetime. reader “affableman”
In 2003 when I was employed at LAX, the greatest heavyweight champ came through ... he waved at me while his hands shook from his CTE induced Parkinson’s.
John Hildenbrand on Facebook

I met him as a child when he came to our school as a guest speaker. His message was to stand up, and fight for what you think is right. Inspiring.
Keenan Reese on Facebook
You stood up for your beliefs and took on all comers. You showed us one thing true: The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Carlos Canul on Facebook
I’ll always remember him starting the LA Marathon 1988 the year I ran it. A true sportsman. We will all remember him.
Ellen Livingston on Facebook
His brashness & personality influenced an entire generation.
Tony Shaw on Facebook


I have had the honor of meeting the Champ three times. I have a treasured photo of him holding my son.
Buck Eise on Facebook
You would sting the competition, bruising their ambition, leaving them boggled, unable to comprehend...that you were the man.
Cortino Allen on Facebook
Ali, we love you.
Leslie Omans on Facebook

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Rest in peace. 

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