Inside the NBA: Quotes of the week

Not that we're the target audience

Hamish Bowles, renowned fashion writer, in a Vogue article on Amare Stoudemire:

"Although I have lived in Manhattan since 1992 … I have remained in blissful oblivion of all matters sportif. … Until very recently I had absolutely no idea what the Super Bowl was, although it conjured up images of something perfectly lovely from Steuben."

At least for one season

New Jersey GM Billy King, to HoopsWorld, on acquiring 2012 free agent Deron Williams:

"It helps because other people will see what we're doing. … It's like having a great quarterback. If you have that great quarterback, it attracts the receivers and other players."

What took you so long?

Chicago's Derrick Rose, working on his first MVP, which would put him four and six titles behind Michael Jordan, asked about comparisons:

"I'm trying to get to half of what he was. Those teams that won championships were great. We didn't even make it to the second round yet."

Silver lining

John Canzano of the Oregonian, on the Trail Blazers:

"I keep hearing, 'It could be worse.' Mostly, from Sonics fans who desperately miss their team."

Enjoy it for one round

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, on the value of home-court advantage in a playoff series:

"A couple million dollars a game, that's how I value it."

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