Daniel Dhers pulls out the win in BMX Freestyle Park

In his final run, Dennis Enarson launched himself into the air and while he was spinning his bike, he spread his arms out with one hand off his handles. For a moment, it looked like the man in the lead was performing his victory pose in midair.

But Enarson didn’t land the trick, the buzzer ushered him off the BMX Freestyle Park course, and moments later Daniel Dhers nailed a crazy aerial twist to earn 41 points with his final run to tie Enarson for the lead.

In what was the equivalent of a game-winning shot at the buzzer, Dhers squeaked past Enarson for the gold medal in the X Games 17 final with a third-best run of 35 points to break the tie.

“Two runs is a pain in the butt to be honest with you,” bronze medalist Scotty Cranmer said when asked about putting together three solid runs for a win. “You think Rocket Science is hard? This is like next level.”


Added Dhers: “I don’t go in thinking tiebreaker. I’m just thinking two good runs.”

Perhaps for that reason, there were no hard feelings between the bikers afterward. No one expected or prepared for the tiebreaker, so all the BMXers could do was congratulate each other when the results became official. Neither Dhers nor Enarson said they had any idea what their third-highest score was, and Dhers added that he wasn’t even aware the riders were tied.

“I had no idea -- we might have even tied the third score, too. Then they would probably use rock-paper-scissors,” Dhers joked.

This was second consecutive year Dhers and Enarson finished first and second, respectively. The win gave Dhers his fourth gold in Freestyle Park since 2007.

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