Blake Griffin responds to DeMarcus Cousins’ comments [Video]


After the Clippers played the Sacramento Kings in an extremely chippy game Thursday evening, DeMarcus Cousins called Blake Griffin an “actor” and said the NBA “babies” him. Griffin responded to Cousins’ comments for the first time after the teams played again Saturday.

“Well I first heard about it from my acting coach,” Griffin joked. “He sent me the email and obviously he was thrilled. It was a compliment and I guess he’s seen some commercials and stuff so I appreciate it. Nah, I don’t care. I’m not into going back and forth and name-calling players through the media and all that; just let it go.”

Griffin said he wasn’t too affected by Cousins’ comments because, well, they came from Cousins.


“I mean this in the nicest possible way -- you have to consider the source,” he said. “If this is somebody that really has been in the league a long time and really knows the ins and outs of a game, and has a great reputation for carrying himself in the right way, then it’s something that I would kind of look at and be like, ‘I really rubbed this guy the wrong way.’ But, you know, with someone like that, just keep going.”

Cousins is not the only player who has recently complained about Griffin’s style of play.

When the Clippers played the Lakers on Wednesday, Griffin had two monster dunks over Pau Gasol. Gasol thought he was fouled on both of the plays. After the game, he said, “I stood up and told the referee I had a ... forearm on my face, on my throat, and that’s something that needs to be looked at.”

The Lakers asked the league to review the dunks and the NBA later assessed Griffin with a flagrant-one foul for shoving Pau Gasol from behind in the third quarter.

Gasol also made clear that he doesn’t appreciate the way Griffin can gloat.

“When you make a great play, obviously there’s a lot of emotions and I understand the excitement of it,” Gasol said. “But at the same time, you have to be respectful, too. Otherwise, you probably will instigate retaliation or a bad, violent reaction. So you have to be careful with that. But that’s just me.”

After the Clippers beat the Kings 109-94 on Saturday, Griffin said he was aware that he’s been inciting some anger among his NBA colleagues.

“It’s not something I embrace or try to do,” he said. “It just kind of happens. I’ve seemed to have had a good week as far as that goes.”

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Clippers point guard Chris Paul has a theory on why so many players are complaining about his teammate. At a shootaround Saturday afternoon, Paul suggested that it stems from jealousy.

“People are tired of getting put on SportsCenter every night,” he said.



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