Kate Upton and Justin Verlander? Suddenly everything makes sense


Kate Upton may have found herself a new man. That’s good news for many people -- the new man (obviously), as well as fans of the New York Jets and whichever National League team ends up playing in the World Series.

But it could be devastating news for fans of the Detroit Tigers and the American League representative in the World Series, not to mention all those Tim Tebow fanatics out there just counting the seconds until their idol takes the field again.

OK, so Upton -- the bikini model best known for appearing on the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue and showing off her dance moves all over the Internet -- apparently has been seen out and about in Detroit recently with Tigers ace pitcher Justin Verlander. Of course, the rumor mills have been churning furiously about the pair.


Verlander, the reigning AL Cy Young winner, is having another great season -- so good that he was named the league’s starting pitcher in Tuesday night’s All-Star game. But what happened? Verlander got rocked for five runs in the first inning, and the NL rolled to an 8-0 victory, earning home-field advantage at the World Series in the process.

Of course, it’s all Upton’s fault -- at least if you believe all the talk out there. Call it the Jessica Simpson effect: She and Dallas quarterback Tony Romo went their separate ways long ago and the Cowboys still haven’t recovered. Or the Rihanna effect: Dodgers fans are still trying to forget that horrid season she and All-Star Matt Kemp were romantically linked.

While Tigers fans have to be hoping their star pitcher shakes off the uncharacteristic effort, Jets fans are rejoicing right now. Upton and their starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, were rumored to have been an item, and it just so happened that Sanchez (and the Jets) had the first mediocre year of his career last season.

This must all be quite upsetting to all those devoted fans of Tebow, the Jets’ backup quarterback. If Sanchez returns to his winning ways, how will Tebowmaniacs be able to run the former Trojan out of town the way they did former Broncos starter Kyle Orton in Denver?

It also must be upsetting to anyone who believes that athletes’ personal lives have no effect on their performance on the field. After all, there are other possible explanations for Verlander’s poor performance on Tuesday. With the playing time of each all-star limited, some think he was trying to throw too hard, too early in the game.

“That’s why I don’t try to throw 100 [mph] in the first inning,” Verlander said. “Usually doesn’t work out too well for me.”


Sure, Mr. Upton ... I mean, Verlander. Whatever you say.


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